A letter from Father Tony

November 6, 2019

My Dear Friends:

It is truly a joy and blessing to be called as your next Rector. My family and I are excited about joining you at All Saints’ and being a part of the Treasure Coast community. 

I want to extend my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the Search Committee: Duncan, Louisa, Sam, Sandy, Paul, Julie, Jan, Pat, Tom, Barbara, Natalie, and Bill, for the tremendous work, time, and commitment you devoted to this discernment process. My profound appreciation to the Wardens and Vestry: Joyce, Harry, Bill, Joan, Louise, Sam, George, Pam, Jack, Nancy, Bob, Jim, Jerry, and Hardin, for their strong and sterling leadership during the interim period. Judith and I thank you both for your warm, friendly welcome, and gracious hospitality during our visit. We thank God and you for giving us this wonderful opportunity to join, walk, pray, and fellowship, with you on this journey.

When I read your profile, I was hooked on “the little church on the hill with a BIG heart.” I could not help being attracted to the value you placed on your relationship with the Lord and willingness to deepen your relationship and spirituality. I am fascinated by your love, care, and support toward each other and those in the community, and your readiness to welcome all persons, integrate new persons, and new worship ideas as part of All Saints’. It is against this background that I see All Saints’ as a church that is ready to demonstrate the kind of faith community God has called us to be – one that is filled with love, care, kindness, and a desire to touch the lives of everyone we encounter in this manner. I eagerly look forward to working and sharing with you in mutual ministry, with all the blessings and challenges that will come with it, as we seek to advance God’s kingdom in that area.

My first priority is to visit each of you in your homes as we get to know one another. I want to learn from you, listen to your stories, and to hear about your history, hopes and dreams for All Saints’. There is much about our life together that we will get to know as we live out our mission of spreading the gospel of Christ through worship, service to others, and using our God-given gifts. I am excited about meeting and reaching out to people while exploring the shoreline, playing tennis with those of you who play, and being immersed in the charm, culture, and beauty of the Treasure Coast.

Please know that we are already holding you in our daily prayers and ask you to pray for us as well during this transitional period. 

With our love and prayers,

Every Blessing!Father Tony