Education & Counseling

Education and counseling ministries explore Christian traditions and values.


Christian Education Nursery

Pre-School children who are not enrolled in a formal class are introduced to Christian teachings through reading of simplified Bible stories and other appropriate literature. In addition, skills in cooperation and courtesy are encouraged through play.

Sunday School

In order to meet the needs of the members of the parish, students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through eight are taught a formal Bible centered curriculum.

Children’s Confirmation and Adult Inquirers’ Class

A part of the formal preparation for Confirmation is a series of special classes covering subjects that help prepare the candidate for his/her ministry as a layperson in the Church. Separate classes for youth and adults are held and persons who wish to audit the course are welcome. Attendance at all the classes is required of the candidates for Confirmation.

Pre-Marital Counseling

Persons who have made arrangements to be married at All Saints’ must complete a series of pre-marital counseling sessions conducted by the clergy. The purpose of this counseling is to explore with the couple the important aspects of a Christian marriage and to develop positive communication skills.

Pre-Baptismal Counseling

Parents and God Parents of infant candidates for Baptism are expected to attend sessions with the Rector in which the responsibilities of sponsorship are outlined. Adult candidates will also meet with the Rector to discuss the Theology of Baptism and Christian Discipleship.

The Tract Rack

Located in the Parish Hall are racks containing material published by The Forward Movement and other agencies. Forward, Day-by-Day is an especially useful guide to daily prayer and Bible meditation.

Parish Library

Over the years many good books have been donated to our parish and are offered on a free-loan basis to all members. Everyone is encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity for study and spiritual growth. The library is a special ministry of the Daughters of the King.