The goal of Fellowship at All Saints’ is to offer all persons, members and guests alike, a sense of love, welcome, and belonging into the Church.


The Hospitality Ministry seeks to engage in activities that welcome new members, enables members and guests to become better acquainted, and promote the bonds of friendship, support, and fellowship among the entire Church family.


This ministry fosters the assimilation of new members into the congregation, enables the health and growth of our Church family by getting to know members and creating a welcoming environment, and addresses any membership-related questions.

Men's Fellowship

The purpose of the Men’s Fellowship is to prepare the men of our Church to be spiritual leaders at home, the Church, and in the community, and to foster a brotherhood among Christian men. It is an organization that is dedicated to fellowship and service to the church and community.

Women's Fellowship

At All Saints’, all female members of the congregation are members of the organization. The purpose of the group is to deepen the spiritual lives of women in our Church, and to strengthen participation in the mission, fellowship, service, and outreach of the Church and community.