Ministries play a vital role in the life of All Saints’ Episcopal Church. We are blessed to have many dedicated and giving people who are willing to share their time and talents to glorify God in service to our parish and community.

All Saints’ currently has over forty active ministries that fall into four broad categories:

Outreach Programs serve those in need throughout our community.

Education and Counseling ministries explore Christian traditions and values.

Assisting in Worship are more than fifty parishioners who volunteer their time to help make our worship at All Saints’ an experience of quality and substance.

Additional Ministries and Fellowship opportunities are available for those who wish to spend time together in the service of our Lord and this parish.

Each ministry has its own mission or purpose, and is comprised of a team of passionate people who are dedicated to that mission. We are always excited to add additional members to these ministries, or to create new ministries as a need arises. If you are interested in joining any of our ministries, please contact the church office.