Virtual Services

The Right Reverend Peter Eaton, Bishop of the Diocese of Southeast Florida, has directed that all Episcopal churches in the Diocese be closed until the 31st of July, due to the COVID-19 coronavirus. As a result, all in-person worship, meetings and social gatherings have been suspended.

However, at All Saints’, we will be live streaming and recording our 10 am Sunday services virtually, beginning March 22nd, until we are reopened. 

In the drop-down menu above, you can click a link that will take you directly to the live stream on our YouTube channel (click the arrow icon), and to the Bulletin or Order of Service for each Sunday’s service. We will also be posting information on our Facebook page as to how you can access our live stream videos. Please share the information with your Facebook friends so that they can be a part of the service. You may also invite them to like our church’s Facebook page and to subscribe to our YouTube page. We intend this to be a devotional and spiritual time for those whose churches are closed and unable to engage in virtual services.

Please note that each Bulletin has been prepared so that you can fully participate in the service. For easy viewing and participation, you may want to download and view the Bulletin/Order of Service on your cell/smart phones and to watch and listen to the service on your computer.

I invite you to consider this time of isolation and shutdown in our lives to be a gift…a time to recharge ourselves spiritually. And so, I say to you, use this time like a sabbath, a time to rest, not having to deal with the hustle and bustle of life; a time to be still and to know God is in the midst of all that is going on; a time to renew yourselves in your relationships to God and each other; a time to pray for one another; a time to thank God for the many blessings He has given us, particularly life itself; a time to just do anything – watch movies, listen to music, play a game, share conversations among your family and friends; be creative; or just simply get some much deserved sleep. But whatever you do, enjoy this time. Thank God…and not be frustrated. There are lessons to be learned from all of this. Take time to find out what those lessons are.

Should any of you like to send me a text message or email, call me, or would like me to pray with you, my contact information is 954.882.1838 (Mobile) or (E-mail). I would be happy to hear from you and to respond as well.

With God’s grace and through love, prayer, patience, and goodwill, this current situation shall pass, and hopefully we would have grown for the better as a result of it.

Father Tony