Become A Member

Becoming a member at All Saints’ is usually realized in three ways – by Baptism, Confirmation and Reception. Anyone who is already baptized can also become a member by transferring from another church, or by requesting to become a member at All Saints’.


Baptism is the sole requirement for membership at All Saints.’ Through this sacrament, we become members of Christ’s Body, the Church, received as children of God and inheritors of God’s Kingdom. We believe the bond established by God in Baptism is permanent, and therefore you can only be baptized once. The Episcopal Church accepts those who are baptized from any Christian community provided they have been baptized with water in the name of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

All baptized Christians of various Christian denomination are welcome to receive Holy Communion.

Children are baptized into the Christian faith. Parents and godparents commit at a child’s baptism to nurture the child “in the Christian faith and life.” Adults may also be baptized, making a public commitment to follow Christ and actively participate in His Church.


Confirmation is an expression of our renewed and matured commitment to Christ. This commitment was first made by our parents and godparents on our behalf at our baptism as infants. In this sacrament, we receive strength from the Holy Spirit through prayer and the laying on of hands by a bishop. Any baptized adult is eligible.


Persons confirmed in another denomination by a bishop in the apostolic succession (most often Roman Catholic or Orthodox), or baptized in another tradition as adults, are “received” into the Episcopal Church by a bishop. Persons are also “received” from churches who are in “full communion” with the Episcopal Church.

Membership 101

Periodically, we offer a three-hour ‘Membership 101’ course for new members or anyone interested in learning more about the Christian faith, All Saints’ Church, the Episcopal Church, and the Anglican Communion.

Let's Make it Official

Whoever you are, wherever you are on your spiritual journey, please know that you have a home at All Saints’. You can start the process right away by completing a new member form using the button below.

We invite you to prayerfully consider and make the commitment of a financial pledge to support the ongoing work of All Saints’. Your financial contributions support the programs, ministries and work God is enabling us to do as we engage in worship, service, outreach, fellowship and discipleship. We greatly appreciate your generosity.

Have a question? How can we be here for you? Our clergy and staff would be glad to speak with you.